Toilets in Cars = Ridiculously Amazing Idea

11:30am:  Victory!!! I just completed a Costco mission and my not-yet-two-year-old-boy STILL had dry underwear at the end! Wohoo!

To be 100% honest, he had kept those bad boys dry through kind of a lot. Here’s how the morning went.

8:10 – pee on toilet.

8:15 – leave the house to take big sisters to school

8:30 – drop sisters off, drive to the path where we go for walks

8:40 – arrive at path. (*potty break in back of SUV*)

car toilet

8:45 – ride tricycle on path

9:15 – get back to vehicle. (*potty break in back of SUV again*)

9:20 – drive to Costco

9:35 – get gas at Costco, then eat snack and mess around in car while we wait for store to open. (*potty break in back of SUV again*)

9:55 – store opens and now I am about to pee my pants so our first stop is the bathroom. (*even though he just peed in the car, he tries again and squeezes a tiny drip of pee out on the big metal Costco toilet because, as we all know, it’s just soooo cool to pee in public restrooms)

10:00 – shop

10:40 – get back out to car (*potty break in back of SUV before I load all the groceries in*)

10:45 – listen to the new Annie‘s “Hard Knock Life” to celebrate!

10:50 – he falls asleep listening to Annie‘s “Hard Knock Life” with 15 more minutes until we’re home—- wait, what??? Ahhhhh! DANGER ZONE! When was the last time this little dude fell asleep in the car??? Oh no!!!

11:05 – we arrive home, he’s sound asleep, and the carseat is still miraculously DRY!  Further amazement: he stayed asleep while I transported him to his bed and put a diaper on him. Hallelujah!

So… The moral of this story is: having a toilet in the back of your SUV is one of the best ideas in the history of ideas.



* * *

What about you?

Do you have any great potty training tips? Can you think of any especially victorious moments you’ve had on this topic?  Or any especially funny potty training mishaps you could share?

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