five minute friday:: REAL

Five Minute Friday is a community wherein a one-word prompt is announced over at Kate Motaung’s site and then whoever wants to write about it does.  A free-write for five minutes flat: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Here is this week’s prompt:



Real… Real…


Without complications? No… Unhurried?  No…

Slow down, Kristi… what does it mean to be a “real” person?  What are you like when you are “real”?


Honest. Open.

Down to earth.

Approachable. Accessible.


Unashamed of imperfections; unapologetic for the fact that I, too, am a work in progress.

An honest communicator. No frills.  Not pretentious or condescending or shaming others for being who they are.

Lord, please continue to help me be the honest, down to earth, bravely vulnerable person I want to be—and I believe You have called me to be.  I feel like for the last chunk of years I’ve been pretty decent about this… Ever since I had my major eye-opening/life-changing experience after my shoulder surgery, I think my eyes were much more open to the fact that I used function out of a sense of pride/shame rather than freedom and honesty.  



(Wow, I REALLY couldn’t spit much out on the page today, huh?  Ugh.  It’s one of those days, I suppose.  I normally don’t write with anyone else in mind– just me and God.  I think I got a bit of “stage fright” this morning because I had planned that, now that my new blog is sorta-kinda up and running, I was going to be brave and actually post whatever I wrote for this Five Minute Friday prompt–come rain or shine!  I sooooo would rather start over and write something a bit more thoughtful on here before I actually post it.  But… for the sake of “keeping it real,” I will humble myself and let this (pretty lame) writing go public anyway.  Perhaps others of you who are having a rough time getting the brain in gear will appreciate the lack of… awesomeness… here.)

* * *

What about you?

What does it mean to you for a person to be “real”?  And… do you ever get “stage fright” when you are writing?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below.



  1. Love your description here. I felt my heart resonating with yours in each word. And then I read “shoulder surgery” and think of how that is a possibility for me too, yet I hesitate in finding out because maybe I don’t really want to know. Praying with you.

  2. I’m coming to believe that God gives us these experiences as just another example of how He polishes us…..loved reading your post {A FMF friend}

  3. This is so honest. It can be so hard to admit our weaknesses without allowing ourselves to drift into shame over them. I applaud your vulnerability and echo your desire to be open about our own flaws and imperfections, as well as being works in progress. Blessings, your FMF neighbor.

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