I Heart Lists

“The greatest poetry comes out of lists.” ~G.K. Chesterton


Lists are awesome.  I love the clarity I get once I put something down on paper and see it right there in front of me.  Even something as simple as the following list of Things I Love and Things I Can’t Stand was eye-opening for me.  Just seeing some of this on paper helped me reevaluate my priorities and realign my time management.

If you care to take a peek, here you go:


I Love:

hikes in the nearby hills, pizza even though dairy is not my friend, clean standup comedy, being alone, the smell of horses, fuzzy baby chicks, getting all dirty in the garden with my dorky sun hat on, the smell of plumerias and Biologé shampoo, flushed cheeks from an invigorating work out, finding a resolution – especially in regards to marital conflicts, twisty old oak trees, cherry blossom and almond blossom trees in bloom, how vultures sore, the fact that owls can spin their heads around so far, my big dopey great dane, guttural giggles from my kids, the fact that I don’t need to put my yearnings into words in order for God to understand them, sunshine streaming through plantation blinds in my bedroom, Bible apps that can read to me while I’m on a hike or walk or driving in the car, the “peace that passes understanding” that I get after genuinely giving something over to God, working with my hands, building (and renovating) my chicken coop, building the rabbit hutch with my daughters, organizing, spring cleaning, purging, the smell – but not the taste – of coffee, my MacBook Air, tiny yellow flowers swaying in the breeze on a hilltop, catching site of a red fox, reading a good book that teaches me how to more healthfully handle my life and relationships, reading darn good fiction  – like the Screwtape Letters or Chronicles of Narnia, reading darn good and inspiring nonfiction – like Fearless, spilling my brain into writing so that I can think straight again, surprise presents from Jesus, having unlimited time to be on the hills and breathe deeply, this view:



Kim Walker-Smith singing “How He Loves Us,” her CD called “Home,” back rubs, board games— especially Scrabble, learning, hearing a good message/sermon that has obviously been studied and prayed about and comes from the person’s heart, making pretty jewelry for my friend’s business, seeing someone doing something that they obviously love, having my kids in a class wherein the teacher doesn’t seem annoyed or stressed all the time, flattering pictures, my baby falling asleep while holding my hand, being around calm, confident, thoughtful people, finding an herbal supplement that helps me not be such a whacky hormonal mess, stumbling across pictures or videos that the kids obviously took when I wasn’t paying attention to where my phone was, this photo of my girls delighted at the beach…

beach day


I Can’t Stand:

complaining, whining, ingratitude, condescension, belittling, bullying, shaming, the way the evil one twists and perverts God’s good gifts and creation and children, feeling indebted to someone, having to do something I really don’t want to do, being bombarded with lies from the evil one, feeling afraid to confront my husband when he’s being selfish or unreasonable or immature, getting an annoying song (i.e. almost every single kid or baby song) stuck in my head, feeling isolated, being around stress-filled people who are constantly gossiping or talking crap about others, going too many days without a good long walk and talk with my bestie


I could go on and on… especially with that list of Things I Love…

one of my fave places:

spacious place

 * * *

What about you?

Have you ever had your eyes opened from writing out a simple list?  Do you find it helpful to write out or catalogue in some way the things you enjoy or are good at?  Does it remind you about who God created you to be?

Please feel free to email me or share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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