five minute friday:: GOOD

Five Minute Friday is a community wherein a one-word prompt is announced over at Kate Motaung’s site and then whoever wants to write about it does.  A free-write for five minutes flat: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Here is this week’s prompt:



I love a good book.

And a good long talk with a good, faithful, honest friend.

And a good visit with extended family.

And a good long road trip wherein my kids actually get along and don’t complain (too much).

And a good movie with an important message to tell my heart.

And a good comedian who really knows how to talk about life in a way that I can relate to.

And a good solid message preached straight from the heart and the Bible combined.

And a good, dopey dog who knows how to look into my eyes with just enough innocence and “knowing” at the same time.

And a clean kitchen.

And a hot epsom salt bath.

And a quiet house after all the kids are asleep so that I can either sit on the couch and read a book or have a long-overdue conversation with my husband.

And my Bible app that lets me fall asleep hearing God’s Word being read to me on nights when my husband gets a SWAT callout and I’m all alone in my bed.

And the sight of Mount Shasta as I drive past its’ snowy, cloud-covered peak, with my kids oohing and aahing about its beauty.

And the smell of a horse ranch.

And the squishy comfort of a hug from my dear friend Christy.

And the shaky hand-holding I get when my 92-year-old grandma looks into my eyes and tells me how much she loves me and prays for me and my family when she thinks of us.

And the sound of my 2-year-old son’s pee making it into the toilet.

Jesus, for all this and so very much more, I thank You.

You are good beyond good.  I love You so much.  Thank You for living and breathing on this earth.  And then for dying and coming back to life… so that I and all these folks around me and all over the world and across time can all know You and live with You, forgiven and treasured for eternity.




* * *

What about you?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “good”?  What are some of God’s good gifts in your life?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below.