Healing Friendship:: Christy

I just spent time with a friend who, whenever I leave her presence, I walk away feeling refreshed— both calmed and excited at the same time— and grateful that I have the honor of being able to touch her life and to have her touch my life.  She is one of those people who is simply… amazing.  She is filled with wisdom, overflowing with compassion and willingness to love and help, intensely “real,” and abounding with an unselfish love for her fellow humans that is rare indeed.


This woman has been near me, loved on me, and come alongside me in prayer and affection during some of my most painful chapters of life thus far.  She was one ofonly two people I went to for confession, advice and counsel when I was going through one of the most terrifying experiences I had ever encountered.  She was also there with me through my most recent pregnancy, encouraging me to lean on God in honesty and faith despite the fact that I was petrified beyond words that I might accidentally fall in love with my unborn baby who might possibly go straight to heaven like my last unborn baby did—without me ever getting to hold him.

As long as I have known this woman, she has been approachable, honest, warm, gracious, compassionate, tender-hearted, welcoming, and immensely wise.  She is a preacher and an inspirer; she is a counselor and a mentor; she is a mom and a teacher.  She serves her family and the community around her by graciously sharing her heart in words, in writing, and by generously and dangerously sharing God’s love and truth in the ever-challenging foster system.

Plus, she’s just plain fun to be around.  Her laugh comes from the gut and reminds me of tinkling bells and long-lost treasure chests.  She is a priceless jewel, this friend of mine.Christy

I literally praise God every. single. time I leave her presence.

Thank You, Jesus, for my dear friend Christy.  Thank You for allowing our paths to cross and for that special “friendship chemistry” to ignite so many years ago.  Thank You for the gift she has been in my life and the amazing ways she inspires me to snuggle into You even more.


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* * *

What about you?

Do you have a special friend who manages to surprise and bless you in new and amazing ways each time you are with that person?  Have you ever had parts of your soul healed up simply by being near another human being?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. This is so incredibly encouraging. Thank you <3 I am so thankful for YOU! Can't wait for our next rich time together, my incredibly fabulous friend!

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