Courage in Faith

Last week’s five-minute free-write prompt over at Kate Motaung’s site was the word FEAR.  Here is what came out of me when I read that word:


I am struck by what Jennie Allen shared at this year’s IF:Gathering—  That Joshua and Caleb operated from a totally different paradigm than the other ten spy-warriors that were sent to scout out the Promised Land.  Whereas the other ten saw the land and saw that it was, in fact, “very good” and that it was, in fact, “flowing with milk and honey” as Yahweh had promised, the only thing they focused on was the apparent impossibility of conquering it.  They saw fortified cities— huge impenetrable walls.  They saw giants— huge impenetrable people.  They saw danger— huge impenetrable, undefeatable danger.

But Joshua and Caleb saw something else.  They saw God’s incredible promises and they trusted in His immeasurable capability.

Yes, there were walls.  Yes, there were giants.  Yes, there was possible danger.  But yes, there were also fruits and vegetables of a size and of a level of deliciousness that they had never seen before.  And yes, the land was even more beautiful and bountiful than they had even dared to imagine.  It was so, so good.  And so, so perfect!

And… hadn’t they seen God do the impossible before?  Just a few months prior, in fact?

Hadn’t the same God who promised them this land also promised to free them from slavery to the Egyptians… and then HE ACTUALLY DID IT?!?

Hadn’t the same God who promised them this land also cast a bunch of unimaginable plagues over the Egyptians when they tried to stand in God’s way?

And hadn’t the same God who promised them this land also parted an entire sea for them to cross on dry land to get away from those intimidating and formidable enemies called the Egyptians?

And hadn’t that same God also kept His chosen children, the Israelites, safe during it all?  And provided miracle-food every single morning to keep them alive and healthy and strong?

And hadn’t that same God also promised them this land?

So what did any giants or walls have to do with any of it???

In the other guys’ eyes, they only saw the fearful, the big, the intimidating, the dangerous, the costly.

But Joshua and Caleb’s eyes saw Yahweh and His promises.  They saw the beauty He offered, the fruit He provided, the victory He promised.  And while they didn’t once argue with the fact of the enormity of both the walls and the people of the Promised Land, they seemed to believe that the God who plagued the Egyptians, who delivered Israel from Pharaoh, who parted the Red Sea, and who provided manna morning after morning… was also undoubtedly big enough and capable enough to deliver them from those giants and that seemingly impenetrable wall.

Whereas the ten spies asked the questions “Is it safe?”, “Am I enough?“, and “What’s it going to cost us?”, Joshua and Caleb were only concerned with two things: Did God promise it?  And, if so: Let’s go!


Courage in Faith


* * *

What about you?

Do you struggle with simply looking at what’s in front of you rather than the truth of what God has said or done or promised for you?  How do you get your focus off what’s right in front of your eyes and onto what really matters?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below.


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