Five Minute Friday:: DREAM

It’s that time again!  Each week (but hardly ever on Friday) I try to join the Five Minute Friday community and write on the one-word prompt given for that week.

This week’s word: 


I don’t really consider myself a “dreamer.”  I’m more of a “just tell me what to do and I’ll figure out an efficient way to do it” kind of a person.  Is that a personality defect?

A few days ago when Ellie and I were pulling weeds in my garden, she wanted to tell me about how she would build this palatial rabbit hutch near my garden if she was allowed to.  Right from the beginning, I pretty much shut her dreaming down because I have no desire for the rabbit hutch to be so far from the house— I want to be able to see her from the porch when she’s playing with her bunnies— and that location she was talking about has a huge shed blocking my view.  So right when she first started monologuing, I said “You know I am not a fan of this because I don’t want it over in this area, right?”

And this is what I love: her response was “I know— but it’s fun to think about anyway.  Can I just tell you about my idea even though I know it will never happen?”

“Sure,” I said.

And then she chattered on and on for several minutes describing every minute detail about how she would build this giant rabbit hutch and where this feature would be and where that feature would be… She just kept going on and on, so excited and passionate.

All the while knowing that it would never happen.

She had a gleam in her eyes that showed her joy in the simple act of dreaming.

And in that moment it struck me: she is like God.  She loves to create.  That’s who she is.  She is a creative writer, a creative thinker, a creative problem-solver… she’s a dreamer.  And that’s what God does: He creates.  He is The Creator of the universe— He is The Creator of me and of Ellie and of her rabbits and of the veggies growing in our garden and of the grass that she wants her rabbits to be able to frolic on.

He creates.

He created “in the beginning” and He continues to create every day: every day He creates new babies and new kittens and new puppies and new foals and new bugs and new flowers and new clouds and new sunsets and new sunrises.  Every day.  Every moment of the day He is making something new.

So when my daughter creates new worlds in her writing and when she comes up with new ideas regarding how to arrange our furniture and when she builds a Lego house for her little Lego people and when she and her sister transform the space under their beds into forts… and when she dreams up creative ways to house her precious little bunnies— she’s being quite God-like.

I hope to be more like her as I grow up.

ellie in garden



* * *

What about you?

What spills out of you when you hear the word “dream”?

Please feel free to share your comments or you own Five Minute Friday in the comment section below.


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