Blessed In the Midst of Struggle

This past month has held some pretty significant challenges for me.  As a matter of fact— grief, worry, confrontation and struggle have been the themes woven throughout my life this month.

I have been anxious about and wrestled with my role as a cop’s wife, as a mother, as a friend, and as a plain ole’ daughter of God.  I have attended a beautiful friend’s memorial service after she suddenly and unexpectedly went to heaven; I have grieved and prayed nightly for a family from our school whose son is in a coma due to a sudden and mysterious brain hemorrhage; I have dealt with a confrontation-worthy issue with my daughter’s teacher; and I have had my eyes opened to a few seriously upsetting and something-needs-to-be-done current events happening both nationally and globally.  Plus, due to the time of year it is, my family has been much busier than usual with school events, sports, and out-of-town family visits and travel— leaving me even more physically and emotionally exhausted than I was already.

It has been a rough, emotionally-charged month.

But it has also been so rewarding on so many levels!  God has answered prayers in amazing and unexpected ways.  New friends have come into my life to bless and minister to me in ways I’ve only ever dreamed.  I’ve experienced His peace and comfort in that way that only He can bring in the midst of grief and turmoil.  I’ve seen women both at church and at school come alongside each other in prayerful encouragement and comfort in much-needed ways.  I’ve also had the privilege of seeing our school community rally around the family whose son is in the hospital, ministering to them through prayers, gifts, food and ridiculously generous financial donations.  I have seen my daughter’s classroom transform from a group of kids dreading facing their “mean teacher” every day to a group of kids both showing and receiving respect and encouragement.  I’ve even seen my husband and I work through a couple of our conflicts in healthier, more mature ways than we used to!  Shocker!  And, to top it all off, I actually overheard myself singing while washing dishes the other night!

So, yes, I’ve struggled.

But I have also done my best at keeping my eyes on my One Thing and letting Him comfort me, and show me His answers, His blessings, and His promises for the future.


“You are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.” ~Luke 10:41-42


There is no doubt about it: life is stinkin’ hard and there are many many troubles that have the potential to weigh us down and even paralyze us with fear or confusion or feelings of inadequacies.

As my eyes continue to open, allowing me to see the people, the hurts, and the challenges around me, I can at times feel discouraged.  Sometimes the challenges and responsibilities feel overwhelming.  I often lose sight of what matters.  But I am trying to stay focused on God, His truth, and His promises.

I thank God for Grace.  And I pray that you, too, are clinging to God as you face your own life’s challenges.

Be blessed.  And know that I love you!


* * *

What about you?

Have you ever seen a side of God’s generosity or tenderness or ability to comfort in the midst of some big-time challenges?  How do you keep focused on Him or on Truth when you are bombarded by chaos, heartache and/or grief?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below.



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