He is






the only one for me


He cries during kids’ movies

runs 8 miles in the hills “for fun”— even if it’s 90* outside

prefers lakes and mountains over beaches

is miserable on long road trips

can’t relax in crowds

enjoys a good IPA

He is brave, yet afraid

strong, yet tender

firm, yet forgiving

stubborn, yet humble

He is honest and raw

simple and real

intimidating and approachable

A paradox of a man


He is not afraid to admit when he’s wrong

usually the first one to apologize

always eager to ask “what can I do to make this situation better?”

He enjoys reading

loves history and biographies and books written by special forces veterans

understands both Shakespeare and the King James version of the Bible


He’s not a big fan of organized church

but loves God

loves a good worship song

loves a long, deep, thought-provoking talk with a friend

loves a good, truth-filled book

and enjoys reading the Bible and praying for his family each morning as he sits in “his spot” on the couch


He gets grumpy when he’s tired

and lovey-dovey when he’s buzzed


He’s a go-get-‘em kind of cop

hates sitting around waiting for something to happen

loves “the hunt”

writes solid police reports with humorous embellishments

is devoted to his work buddies

respects a humble, hard worker


He can’t fake it

hates falsehood

challenges the status quo

can’t stand condescension or pomp or self-centeredness

a no-BS kind of guy

You always know where you stand with him



He drives me crazy with frustration

yet melts my heart like no other



Though he’s seen it all and knows all my flaws

With him I am safe

With him I am known

With him I am cherished


He’s seen me, smelled me, held me as I birthed each of our children

cried with me over our lost one

rejoiced with me over every sweet saying, cute movement, and kind gesture our kids have done

These little munchkins are our treasures


He challenges me

inspires me

encourages me

thanks me


He likes my hair

likes how I look in purple

likes my gummy smile

and even likes my wrinkly, dimpled face

He compliments me almost every day

hugs me concernedly when I’m a weepy, hormonal mess

rubs my back even if I’m too tired to thank him

and reserves his intoxicating cologne just for times with me


He uncomplainingly takes the garbage out all the time

can’t stand a dirty bathroom or dirty dishes in the sink at bedtime

but couldn’t care less about the Mount Everest pile of laundry in our bedroom or the toy clutter around the house

He could “play bad guy” with our toddler for hours

takes our daughters on frequent dates

and has always functioned as an excellent “tickle monster” and comedic storyteller in the house



He loves snuggling up for family movie night

playing strategy games with the girls

and reading epic tales to us at bedtime


He is kind to my dad

respectful to my grandma

dedicated to his friends

loyal to his country

and fierce to anyone he deems a threat


He is creative

a mediator among his blue brothers

a courageous and intelligent communicator

a gifted writer and artist

an outside-the-box thinker

a justice-minded warrior

a worshipper of God

one who appreciates solitude and the beauty of creation

a defender of the innocent


For better or worse

He is who he is


The love of my life is a messy, complicated, wonderful, no-frills man.  He is flawed and growing and strong-willed and malleable.  He is a source of both drama and comfort, aggravation and peace.  He baffles me and yet is predictable and comfortable to me at the same time.

Even on those nights when I want to just run away from the raw “realness” if it all… I would still rather hash it out and suffer with him than any one else in the world.

He’s it for me.




* * *

What about you?

How would you describe some of your favorite people?

Please feel free to share your comments or journey in the comment section below.


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