The Freedom Theme

Do you ever have those seasons wherein you hear God saying the same message or phrase or word to you no matter which way you turn?  Like He’s not being subtle at all regarding what He’s trying to get into your soul?

That’s where I’m at right now.

The theme I am hearing from every direction is this: FREEDOM.

I hear it in my heart: “I want you to be free to be yourself.  Find out who you are and how you’re wired.  This will help you as you start stepping further and further out into the waters of what I am doing in the world.  I want you to be free of whatever lies have been holding you back from living courageously in the skin and in the calling I have given you.”

I hear it as I look around at the people around me and see something amazing inside them: I see free people.

I hear it in the Five Minute Friday prompt from two weeks ago: FREE.

I hear it in the Angie Smith devotional I’m working through right now: “When I get to the heavenly court, God will not ask me, Why weren’t you Moses? Rather he will ask me, Why weren’t you [yourself]?” (aka God is saying to me: “Be free from comparing yourself to others.”)

I hear it in Tom Rath’s NYT Bestseller StrengthsFinder 2.0 “People have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies.” (aka God is saying “Be free from trying to be something or someone you aren’t.  Rather, find out who you are and how I crafted you and live in that truth and freedom.”

I hear it throughout almost every sermon I hear lately.

And now, today, as I start a new book that has been on the top of my “gotta read this asap” stack of books next to my bed for several months, I can’t but chuckle as I read the opening pages of Beth Moore’s Breaking Free: “A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her.”  (aka God says to me “I want you to identify what is hindering you and I want to free you from it all… because I have big and wonderful plans for you!”)

God wants me.  He wants me.  The me He made almost 37 years ago as He crafted me in my mom’s tummy.  The me He thought of and designed before He even created one speck of this world.  The me He fashioned together on purpose— because that’s the way He wanted me to be.  The me who has a certain combination of strengths and giftings and talents and skills and interests and passions and personality that no one else on this earth possesses.  The me that still doesn’t even know what all I’m made of.  The me that is still scared, still curious, still trying to figure out as much of her corner of the world as possible.  The me that makes mistakes and gets it wrong and makes bad guesses and screws up stuff every day of her life.

Yeah, that girl.  He actually wants me.

And He wants me to meet her and get to know her more and more so that He can show me where to go and how to operate and who to connect with and how it will bless and benefit a whole bunch of other people in this world.

Free people free people, I heard once.  (Not sure where?)

So those are my marching orders right now, girls.

I’ve been on and will continue on my never-ending quest to find out who God really is and what He wants to say to me.  And now I have been told to:

  1. Find out who I am.
  2. Abandon whatever isn’t lining up with the values I have, the character of God I’ve learned, and the truths He continues to teach me.
  3. Follow God’s lead and discover what “abundant living” is all about!

Who’s with me?!?!










* * *

What about you?

What has God been whispering to you lately?  How are you responding to Him?

Please feel free to share your comments or journey in the comment section below.


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  1. Charissa

    Yes, “I am with you” on this journey! I would love to become one of the free people who help to free people. Thanks for your post!

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