31 Days:: Abby’s Hack-Job

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Day 13: Abby’s Hack-Job


When she was three— a few days before picture day at preschool, I tiptoed into the girls’ bedroom late at night to give them each one last kiss before I hit the sack myself and, not surprisingly, Abby was still awake.  (That girl is a night owl if ever there was one!)  With the faint light from the hallway illuminating the otherwise dark room, I saw a shine in Abby’s wide-open eyes as I leaned in to kiss her good night.  I smiled.  “You’re still awake, sweetie?” I asked.  “Yep,” she replied with as much energy as if it were the middle of the day.  “Well close your eyes and get some sleep, honey.”  “Okay, Mommy,” she said cheerily.  I leaned down to kiss her forehead and noticed something odd.  She had no more bangs.  What???  “Abby— did you… cut your hair???” I asked shakily.  “Yes mommy.”  Oh jeez.  “Come with me,” I commanded and took her into my bedroom so as not to wake her sleeping sister.  I turned on the light to survey the damage.  Wow.  What a hack-job.  To give you a picture of what she looked like, just know this: it is not possible to cut bangs closer to the skin than that girl cut them.  And a nice chunk taken right at the back of her head as well?  Awesome.  “Thanks for that, Abby,” I thought.  “Lucky you’re so darn cute with that couldn’t-be-more-perfect smile.”  Deep breath.  “Ah, well.  Looks like thick headbands are in our future for awhile,” I thought, and put her back to bed.

Ah, my curious, feisty, adventurous little Abigail.  Unlike me in so many ways.  Yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard she looks just like me.  A “mini me” they say.  Sometimes I see it in a look she gives— her expression will remind me of a photo of myself at her age.  And I see my independence in her.  I see my ease at meeting new people, my general lack of intimidation, and my sensitivity to hurtful comments.  And swimming was my sport of choice too.  Yet… mostly when I look at her?  I just see her.  She’s just… Abby.  Abby with the radiant smile.  Abby with the competitive, yet cautious nature.  Abby with a passion and ferocity that I lack.  She is courageous and bold, generous and forgiving, smart and self-motivating.  Oh— and, clearly: rash in her choices.

Moments like “Abby’s hack job” remind me of two things:  One: Life is messy.  Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, it changes on me and now I have to figure out how to deal with this new twist in Life’s adventure.  And two: It sure pays to go with the flow. 

Because seriously?  What’s a mom to do with such a horrible hairdo on her otherwise-adorable, still shiningly confident, 3-year old?  Obviously: hide the scissors and teach her to never do that again.  But beyond that— what’s a mom to do but just make the best of it and still help my little girl feel like the beautiful little angel-girl she truly is?

Gosh, I love that wild girl.


A few months BEFORE the hack-job
A few months BEFORE the hack-job


A few months AFTER the hack-job
A few months AFTER the hack-job





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What about you?

Can you remember a time when one of your kids did something super aggravating and you had to just simply move on because there was nothing that would fix it?  Do you ever struggle with going with the flow?

Please feel free to share your journey in the comment section below.

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