31 Days:: How Can I Pray For You?

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Day 29: How can I pray for you?

“How can I pray for you?”  I have found that one question to be the impetus for so many enlightening, soul reviving conversations.  When I ask a friend that question, it seems to unlock a new layer of vulnerability and authenticity in our relationship.  And when I am asked that question, I sometimes surprise myself by how I respond.

Like last week: I was running around town, as usual, with several different logistical, relational and financial stresses and challenges hanging over my head, as we all always do, when a friend of mine shot me a quick text: “How can I pray for you?” she asked.  Although I had a million things on my plate and I could have monologued for ten straight minutes on all the different ways she could have prayed for me, I didn’t.  For some reason, when a genuinely loving, caring, prayerful friend asks me how she can pray for me, everything starts coming into focus.  So, even though all the worries that were on the forefront of my mind at that moment were certainly important and worth praying about, I tuned in to my heart and asked it what it most needed in that moment.  And when I listened closely, I found the source of all the various angst I was currently wrestling with: an inability to locate and hang onto God’s Truth.  Not that I was not spending time with Him or that I didn’t know Bible verses by heart or that He wasn’t speaking Truth to me every moment of every day… but the problem was that I was having a hard time hearing Him because of the various lies and insecurities that were clambering for my mental and emotional attention, trying to bog me down and distract me from God’s Truth and His will for my life.  

I was a bit surprised when I realized that what was most burdensome to my heart was not the interpersonal drama that was going on in my extended family; nor was it the stressful conversation I was anticipating with my husband regarding upcoming vacation-planning; nor was it my constant feeling that I don’t have enough time to get anything done… ever; nor was it even the fact that when she texted me I was slightly lost and already 20 minutes late to meet a friend for a hike.  Nope.  What was most important in my heart at that moment was that I was having a really hard time deciphering between God’s voice of Truth and the enemy’s barrage of lies.  I was finding myself feeling a bit like a person who didn’t know how to swim, struggling in water that was slightly too deep for me— I knew there was a buoy somewhere nearby, but I couldn’t quite seem to find it.

And, praise God for friends who listen to God’s promptings and pray for us when we are drowning, huh?!?  That simple little text offering to pray to me that day was just the breath of fresh air I needed to be able to see straight and, thus, make my way to a more sure-footed location in my life.

Thank you, sweet friend, for that gift of your time and your heart of prayer.


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What about you?

How can I pray for you today?

Please feel free to share your requests in the comment section below.


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