31 Days:: No Wonder She is Called “Great”

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Day 6: No Wonder She is Called “Great”


A Guest Post by Abby E.

(my 10-year old daughter!)



My eyes flutter open like a butterfly who just got her wings. I wake up to a bright morning with the rays of the fire in the sky stretching into my window.  The birds fluttering outside my window sing a good morning song and my lips curve to a grin.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” mom whispers as she quietly walks into my room.  I groan and smile and she knows I’ve said “Hello, Mom.”  My eyes wander across the room and focus on my older sister, Ellie, sitting up on her bed, curled in blankets, with her nose in a book.  She lifts her head and looks at me.  Her eyes are watery and droopy and her nose and cheeks are as red as a strawberry.

“Ellie? Why are you still at home? I thought you were having a playdate with Ella this morning?” I ask confusedly.  A large tear rolls down her pink cheek and she shakes her head silently.

“I think I better tell you, Abby,” mom says as she makes herself comfortable on my bed.  “Abby… Nana Great died last night,” she announces.  I stare at my stuffed bear Teddy, who I’ve had since I was a little baby, and a small water droplet falls from my eyes and splatters on my bed.  I lower my head to Teddy and try to wipe away every tear that follows.  “No, no, no,” I say to myself as buckets of tears drain from my eyes.  Mom and Ellie sit on my bed, trying to comfort me, but they are crying, too.

After awhile, mom leans over and runs her hands through my lion’s mane of bedhead. “Do you want to be left alone for a little while?” mom asks through sniffles.  I nod.  Mom and Ellie touch me one more time and leave the room.

I roll over and glaze my eyes to the ceiling.  I remember everything we used to talk about:

“Would you like an Oreo?” she asks and pulls out the glass jar from under the sink. I smile and nod.  Her small, wrinkled hand reaches in the jar and pulls one out.  She reaches in for another one and then hands it to me.

“Thanks,” I say as I stare at her lovely old woman face.

“You’re welcome,” she answers cheerfully, and eats the cookie she grabbed for herself.  “So… how was your first week at school?”

I used to tell her everything, and she would listen.  I didn’t want her to go.  Not yet.  I wasn’t ready. “No, NO, NO!”   I tell myself over and over again as I cry into my pillow.  I open my eyes and start whimpering like a newborn puppy who hasn’t had enough milk.

My eyes close again, and I try to imagine my great grandma in heaven.

I see a pool of water and a large rock.  She is sitting on the shiny blue rock, leaning over to look at her reflection in the clear waters.  A small rainbow trout swims by with a welcoming face.  “I know you,” someone behind her announces, “I’ve been waiting.”  She turns to she her long lost husband.  Her small feet carry her to him and they grasp each other in their arms.  They run over to the pond and a turtle swims up the them.  He beckons them to come aboard and then takes them to a garden full of roses, daisies, flowers, and animals.

“I miss Nana Great,” I think to myself.  And then I pray: “God? Can you deliver a message to Nana Great for me?  Please tell her that I miss her here on Earth, and I hope she is having a great, no, fantastic, no, WONDROUS new life in heaven.”

Mom comes in a few minutes after I finish praying.  “Breakfast is ready, honey,” she says.

“Okay, I’ll be right there,” I answer.

As I wander out of my room, I think, “No wonder she is called GREAT.”


nana great-abby 2008


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What about you?

Can you dive deep into a particularly memorable moment in your life?  What was the weather like?  What were you wearing?  What did you smell or taste or see or feel?

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  1. Abby, this is so beautiful and really touched me. I was also very close to my great gran and she was the one who would always listen to me. I loved the picture of your great grandma in heaven and being reunited with her husband, and also asking God to pass a message on to her. The whole thing is just beautiful. I’m amazed that you are only 10 years old and can write as well as this.
    Kristi, I love how you encourage your daughters’ writing through these guest posts. I remember reading Ellie’s a few weeks ago. They are both so talented.

    • Thank you! I agree! I DO have talented daughters! I’m so eager to see how God continues to bless and speak to them through their habit of writing. And I love that He blesses others through their writing as well!
      Thank you for stopping by and dropping off some encouragement!

  2. Lisa

    Abby! What gift you are to the people around you and ones who have gone to be with Jesus. You honor not only your great grandma but all the beautiful things she passed on to her loved ones. I love how you look for ways to appreciate others and use your writing skills – keep it up! Love you!

    • Thank you for encouraging Abby!!! She was beaming with pride as she read your comments, Lisa. Thank you!

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