31 Days:: The Secret, Quiet Places

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Day 4:  The Secret, Quiet Places


The secret, quiet places are where true contentment is born.  You know those times when no one else is around and you aren’t connected to social media and you aren’t even connected to your phone… and you have no one around to impress and no one to chat with or complain to or even cry with?  And you know how sometimes you choose to just dive into God in those moments?  Even though you sometimes doubt if He’s there.  Even though you’re tired of not feeling His presence.  Even though the Bible is so confusing sometimes.  Even though you have no idea what to say to Him or how He could ever help or how things could ever get better.

Those times are the golden times.  Those times are when true character is born.  Those are the times when true intimacy with our Creator is cultivated.

I woke up early a few times this week in the wee hours and was able to catch some good, quiet Jesus time before anyone else woke up.  Ahhhhh.  So refreshing.  Some days it’s no big deal— nothing earth-shattering or life-changing has happened.  But, as a dear friend once pointed out to me: not every meal you eat has to be delicious and incredible.  Some meals aren’t particularly memorable or even especially tasty… but they keep you alive.  They nourish you.  They give you enough of what your body needs to keep you moving along another day.

And so it is with our times with God.  Sometimes our mind is blown away by what we discover.  Sometimes we feel a level of pleasure or comfort or encouragement that is memorable— something worth noting in a prayer journal or in a blog post or in a conversation with a friend.  But oftentimes our moments with Jesus are “just another meal.”  Just something to feed our soul enough to get us until our next rendezvous with our Maker.

And even though some of our times with God may be unremarkable and leave us slightly dissatisfied… the hope is that they might create in us a hunger for more.  They are precious morsels of time that reveal to us our innate need for God.

Because the fact is: we need Him.  And those secret, quiet places?  Those are where we can find Him.



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What about you?

When do find time to sneak away and be with Jesus?  What are you learning during your recent quiet moments with Him? 

Please feel free to share your journey in the comment section below.


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