Sweetness Itself: A Portrait of My Little Man-Child

My little guy has been driving me crazy this week, y’all.  In his defense: it’s not his fault.  He’s just 2.83 years old— “normal” in every way.   My problem is not him, it’s myself.  He is perfectly healthy, happy, troublesome, exhausting and relentlessly joy-bringing.  He is a chatterbox, constantly asking “why,” begging me to play action figures with him or baseball with him or snuggle up and read with him.  He is a delight, guys.  Seriously.  My “issue” is that I just don’t like being needed so much.  Infancy and toddlerhood— though adorable and sweet and important and incredibly foundational, holy ground… are also a big fat challenge for me.

So.  To help me get back to reality and back to gratitude and back to a more positive outlook, I want to celebrate my little man-child with you.

ben in action

Because the truth?  The truth is that he is freaking adorable.  So much fun.  So eager to operate from a Joy Center at all times.  Even when he gets fussy, I can see it: he wants to find the joy and pleasure and wonder in the moment again, he just needs some help getting back there.

He is all dimples, physical affection and energy.  We can rarely get him to pause long enough to take a decent family photo.


He loves to race up to us at top speed and give us a giant hug and kiss goodnight.  He wants to grow up have “a big fat beard” like Daddy.  He gives the dog apologetic kisses when he accidentally bumps into him.  He wants to put his shoes on by himself, open up doors by himself, and “read” books on his own at bedtime each night.  “Me do foy self!” he frequently declares.

He is wholeheartedly devoted to Captain America, hates being messy, is finicky about what he wants to wear for the day, and doesn’t think sweatshirts are ever necessary— even if it’s literally freezing outside.  He runs through the house every day, throwing his Captain America shield (aka frisbee) at imaginary bad guys— leaving red marks all over the walls and doors.  (Thank God for the Magic Eraser!)

He frequently reminds us what “a big boy” he is.  When something meets with his approval—  be it a sunset, a movie, a book, or a fun game, he declares “That be cool!”  When he gets to the end of a book, he declares “Good-end!” and “yesterday” refers to any time in the past— could be 5 minutes ago, could be 6 months ago.  He always wants me to snuggle him for “one moy minute” before I leave for the night.  When he wants me to wear my hair down rather than in a ponytail, he tells me “I no like you hair like dat.”  When he wants my attention and I’m not giving it to him quick enough, he will say “Mommy.  Momma.  Mom.  MamaCITA.

He is deliciously cute— it takes a host of determination to not let him have his way all the time.  He likes to bring me crumpled up flowers and buzzes with excitement when one of his sisters agrees to “play bad guy” with him.



When he was born, we all just oohed and aahed over him.  We were so glad he had finally arrived!  He was who we had hoped and prayed for for so long— his miraculous, though surprising birth was exactly what all our hearts needed.

He is sweetness itself.  We can’t help but adore him.  His raspy little man-voice, kind angel face, and spunky personality are enchanting.  He brings a smile to the face of almost any stranger we pass.He is sweetness itself


He is a gift.  The best surprise gift we’ve gotten yet.  Such a treasure.  Such a joy.

Yes, he drives me crazy sometimes.  Yes, his strong opinions and loud tantrums embarrass his sisters and cause me concern from time to time.  Yes, he is mischievous and overly-brave at times and I always need to keep one eye on him…

But honestly?  I wouldn’t trade my little warrior-man for anything in the world.  I am so so grateful for his precious life.


Thank You, Lord, for this gift of my son.  May he always know how much we all love him.  May he always know how well You crafted him.  Thank You for equipping him and gifting him and favoring him.  You certainly do make good and perfect gifts, Lord.  Thank You for this one.




* * *

What about you?

Pick one of your favorite people.  What is he or she like?  What makes him or her unique?

Please feel free to share your comments or your own journey in the comment section below.


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