Finding Freedom: Part 3 – Tuning Into the Truth


How do you posture yourself to hear God most effectively?  What works for you?

A few days ago, I walked you through the process I tend to use when I can’t seem to think straight due to all the garbage swirling around my brain.

Oftentimes, when I do this practice, God brings particular words and verses to my remembrance.  Sometimes He urges me to hand-write particular verses out.  Sometimes He speaks to me about some of my “tape reel messages” but not others.  Sometimes I only hear Him in one- or two-word increments; other times it seems to flow in sentence form.  Sometimes He urges me to do a word study via the Strong’s Concordance, so I camp out there for several days as I uncover new layers of revelation.

Once, when I kept hearing the message in my mind that “I am on my own,” God led me to Joshua 1:5 “I will never leave you,” Psalm 145:20 “He watches over all who love him,” and Psalm 27:10 “Though my mother and father forsake/abandon me, the Lord will receive me/take me in/take me up/adopt me as His child.”

Another time I heard the message that “No one cares what you have to say” — and yet, when I asked God what He had to tell me about that message, I felt Him say this: “You are called.  You have been equipped.  Follow Me.”

And another time, when I desperately wanted another baby but was filled with fear that a third child would either ruin my mental health or my struggling-at-the-time marriage, I sensed God tell me “I have you in my hands.  You are where I want you.  I am caring for you… Listen to Me and reject all other voices.”

In each of the examples I just gave You, He spoke things to me that didn’t even seem related to the issue I was bringing to Him, yet in hindsight I realized that He was actually speaking to the root of my issues, while I was only focused on the tangentials of it.

Here is the point: God is unpredictable.  Mysterious.  And oftentimes He surprises me with the way He chooses to minister to me.  But no matter what He says or how He chooses to get His truth into me on any given day, He is so very good.  And so faithful.  And so tender and thoughtful and willing and capable of speaking to me and caring for me.

No matter what He says

I just need to give Him space to do that.  For me… it takes me slowing down long enough and being introspective and quiet and hungry— and maybe even desperate in a certain sense— before I notice the treasures of truth He offers me.  Almost always, I have to be writing in order to hear Him.

You may be different, and that’s just fine.  You may not need as much solitude and silence and stillness to hear Him like I do.  Or God might typically speak to you in a totally different fashion than He does to me— and that’s just fine too!  For many of you, music might be the avenue wherein you tend to get clarity.  Or maybe your epiphanies come when you’re on a run or doing yoga.  Or when you are painting or drawing or gardening or doing dishes or verbally processing with a friend.  Or through your dreams.  Or some other way I haven’t yet personally experienced.

The point is: tune in; have your antennae up.  And if you feel like it’s hard for you to hear Him, that’s okay.  Keep trying.  Keep pursuing Him.  Keep reading the Bible and asking Him for clarity on what it means for you.  Keep listening to good solid Biblical teaching.  Ask your spiritual mentors and friends what works for them.  Experiment with different techniques and see what works well for you.

And mostly?  Don’t give up.

These “hearing God muscles” sometimes take practice before they start to feel natural.  It’s okay.  You’ll eventually find what works for you.  And, just a heads up: it will also likely change through the years.  I go through seasons wherein it gets easier or harder to hear Him in the various different ways I mentioned above.  That’s just how life as a Jesus-lover goes.  It’s ebb and flow, up and down, rhythm and interruption.

It’s okay.  You’re normal.

Tomorrow I will be posting Part 4 in this series: a story of a time when God spoke to me in a surprising, yet extremely transformative way.  I hope you come back and listen in as I share with you one simple moment that eventually changed my life.

I’ll see you soon, friend.


[This is Part 3 of a five-part series unpacking the process of learning how to tune into what our good, truth-telling God wants to say to us about the (sometimes toxic) messages we hear in our minds.  Click here to get to the landing page with links to each post for this series.]

* * *

What about you?

How do you feel like you connect with God most effectively?  What are some memorable epiphanies you and He have shared together?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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