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When I was a kid, we had these heaters embedded in the walls of our house.  There was one in the living room and one at the end of the hallway.  They were big clunky metal things that you could stand near and feel the hot air blowing out.  I have always had body temperature regulation issues, so, even as a child, I would always get as close as possible to the heater in our hallway in order to be able to feel the heat emanating out of it as intensely as possible.  Many times, I would grab a blanket and either a book or some art supplies, and I would set up camp in front of the heater and just feel its warmth as I relaxed.  I loved how it felt to have my bare feet right there, hot air blowing forcefully onto them, warming them up.

And the other day, as I spent the morning with a group of my girlfriends, I was reminded of that cozy, relieving, home-like feeling.

Because as we spent the morning planning out an event we are organizing for this coming spring, we ended up spending the bulk of our time simply chatting about life and praying for one another.  Each of us prayed for the friend to our right: we prayed for her husband, her kids, and her own self and personal struggles.

Something about that sweet time of prayer with one another made me think back to those cozy days I spent as a child, curled up near the heater, just soaking in the warmth that it offered.

Hearing dear friends pray for each other— and for me— was a much needed, comfortable, warm relief from all that has been burdening me lately.   To be prayed for like that, by women who I know love me and want the best for me… it made me feel at home.  Safe.  Well cared for.


story - cozy friends



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What about you?

When have you experienced the warmth and comfort that true, meaningful friendship can bring?  How are you a safe, comfortable place for others to come to for meaningful, thoughtful connection?

Please share your comments or your own story in the comment section below.


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