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Last Sunday afternoon, my 11-year old daughter and my 3 1/2 year old son got together and thought up ways for him to earn money so he will be able to buy Christmas presents for his loved ones this December.  Their first idea: a book written (dictated to my daughter) and illustrated by my son.  Here is the masterpiece they created— which I purchased for $1:


Jerico & Garret

by: BEN

title page

Jerico and Garret were walking with their kitty and doggy at a pretty lake.  They liked the pretty lake.

Jericho’s doggy and Garret’s kitty wanted to go in the lake.

page 1

Jerico and Garret had to get in the pretty lake with their clothes on! They played in the lake with their doggy and kitty and accidentally pooed!!

page 2

When Jericho and Garret saw that they had pooed, they got out of the lake and accidentally peed and pooed again!

They grabbed their markers when they got home and drawed a picture of their poo.

page 3

Jerico and Garret went to the store and got super cool NEW RED SHOES!

page 4




[This is Day 6 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. This year my focus is on the role of STORY in our lives.  Click here to get to the landing page with links to each post for this series.]

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What about you?

What stories have your kids written out or told you?  What are some creative ways they try to earn money?

Please share your story in the comment section below.


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