An Interview With A Friend

31 Days in My [Insert Label Here] Skin:

An Interview With A Friend


A few weeks before this writing challenge began, I sent out an email questionnaire to several friends, asking them if I could find out a bit more about their experiences with labels.  I wanted to hear their wisdom and get a glimpse into their perspective on it all.

Here is how one particularly wise friend responded:

  • How would you describe or define yourself?  

I’ve tried to switch my mindset to define myself as “growing.”

  • What are some of your self-prescribed titles or labels?  How do you feel about them?

I’ve been thinking about how even the great titles, labels, truths, and “God image bearing-ness” in us can bring about both courage and purpose— but also can be overwhelming and terrifying.

  • What are some of the labels other folks have put on you over the years?  How do you feel about them?

I think many labels are meant to be a good thing, a label to BELONG. Like I’ve been called: A Petersen [maiden name], An Athlete, An Aggie [alma mater], A Christian… these labels were intended and gave a sense of pride, belonging, and community.

  • Is there a particular “label” you have that you LOVE?

I love self-reflection/learning, so things like Strengths Finder, Myer Briggs, Enneagram— those labels help me understand myself and others.

  • Is there a particular “label” you have that you CAN’T STAND?

This may be off a bit, but when the word “JUST” gets added before any label. Like: “JUST a mom,” “JUST a part-time employee,” “JUST a volunteer,” “JUST a young person”…

  • What are some general thoughts you have about labels?  How are they helpful and/or hurtful? 

Labels aren’t permanent.  Have a growth mindset and change a “label.”  Be connected to God to hear truth about an ill-defining label.  Consider that other people’s perspectives can be wrong and can also be changed over time.

  • Is there a particular story (either in “real life”, fiction, or in the Bible) that teaches you something about labels and what God has to say about them?

I’m a mother of young children, and lately, EVERY night, my youngest son has been picking “Mommy’s favorite” book, You Are Special by Max Lucado… This is such a great story: “The stickers [labels other people put on you] don’t have to stick if you don’t want them to.” [If you’d like to have this charming story read to you (including being able to see it’s charming illustrations), here it is: You Are Special by Max Lucado- YouTube.] 😉


I hope my friend’s words of wisdom bless and inspire you as they did me.  I would love to hear YOUR responses to these same questions as well!!


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What about you?

What are your responses to the questions above?  

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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