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31 Days in My [Insert Label Here] Skin:



I can’t do life alone.  I need my husband, my friends, my extended family, and even my kids to help me get through this thing.

Whether I’m going through a tough time and I need their encouragement and support; or whether I’m confused and in need of guidance and I need their insight; or whether I’m in the midst of something amazing and I need them to rejoice with me I NEED THEM!

  • My husband is great at helping me engage logic and recognize whether or not a decision is time-sensitive.  (This is especially helpful when I’m feeling hormonal and, thus, everything seems urgent to me.)  He is also wonderful at expressing appreciation to me and making me feel like one of the most amazing human beings on the planet.  Aaaaaand, as marriage partners do, he also great at challenging me and sharpening me (typically through our times of conflict 🙂 ).  Buckets and buckets of who I am today is a direct reflection of how I’ve had to change and grow as a result of this lovely marriage relationship. 🙂
  • My friends are great at being a safe place for me to verbally process whatever is burdening me.  They are also incredible at affirming and encouraging me when I am unsure whether I’m on the right track in a particular decision-making process.  And, so often, they are so much more kind and gracious to me than I am to myself.  (This is especially helpful when I’ve just totally blown it in some way and I’m having a hard time letting go of shame so that I can then walk forward in freedom and health.)  They are my prayer warrior partners and my “let’s just hang out and have FUN” people too!  They see strengths in me that I never knew were there and they bring so much joy to my life.
  • My extended family is great at keeping me humble and challenging me to stay true to my integrity.  These folks have known me for sooooo long and yet they still choose to love me!  Crazy.  I appreciate their prayers and I am thankful for their perseverance as we’ve worked through many-a-conflict over the years.
  • My kids are also great teammates to have around.  I’ve got a couple middle schoolers now, so that is helpful in keeping me sharp and keeping me praying. 😉  I love our conversations, I love the thoughtful and challenging questions they bring to me.  I love how they force me to engage my gifts of teaching on a regular basis.  And I even love how their conflict and drama with each other reveals to me areas in my own life that I need to work on.  Even when they were tiny (like one of them still is), these kids of mine have always kept me on my toes, kept me dependent on God, and taught me so much about “what I want to be when I grow up.”  Their wonder, their inquisitiveness, their creativity, their purity, their eagerness to learn, their humility and willingness to admit when they are wrong or when they need help… it is all stunningly inspiring to me.  Even still.

So Team: thank you to the moon and back for all the ways you challenge me and teach me and grow me.  You are priceless.  I love you so very much.


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What about you?

Who are your core teammates in life?  What do you appreciate about them?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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