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[ Desperate for Jesus ]

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I can’t handle not connecting with God on a regular basis.  Things get reeeeally dark and/or confusing and/or empty reeeeeeally quick when I’m not strapped tightly to God and His voice of Truth and Love.

This past few weeks, for example, have been hard for me.  In an effort to produce decent content here for this 31 Day Challenge, I have gotten a bit out of my typical “groove.”  I normally wake up before my household and read/study the Bible, journal, and pray… but as I’ve been trying to pump out something halfway worth reading for this challenge, I have been using those “fringe hours” to do most of my writing.  I have, as usual, woken up early – but I haven’t been taking any time to RECEIVE anything from the Lord before I get going.  I’ve just been jumping straight into opening up my laptop and tapping away at the keyboard – thus, I have been GIVING first thing most mornings without having yet received anything from which to give.  

This is a lesson I’ve learned about 400 times already, but apparently I needed to learn it again: I am no good when all I’m doing is giving giving giving. 

I MUST let God fill me up and then just let any thing I do come as a result of that, in response and in an overflow of what God has instilled in me.  When I don’t spend daily time really soaking in God’s presence and receiving His truth and His wisdom, I get tappet out real quick.  It’s just too draining for me.  I’ve got to receive before I give.

As Christine Cain said in her interview on the Lead Stories Podcast a few days ago,

“I keep coming back to God’s Word because it’s what keeps me alive.  I am only ever one thought away from unraveling.  The thorn in my flesh that God has not taken from me is that I do not get a free pass.  If I am not in God’s Word I just unravel – because I’ve got so many Achilles heels from the brokenness and wounds of my past that I HAVE to be renewing my mind DAILY.”

Yep.  Me too.  I need God and I need to take time to really listen to Him and receive from Him every single day so that I can (1) be whole and (2) be of any use to the rest of the world.

So this is what I’m doing now: For the next few days as we wrap up this challenge, I’m going to let God just love on me and feed my soul first.  And if anything else comes out in coherent written words to share with the rest of you all, I will gladly share that.  But if I can’t, then I’m choosing to just be OK with that, too.

I love you all.  Thanks for reading me from time to time.  I hope somehow God speaks to you and inspires you with some of this mumbo jumbo from time to time.

Have a great day.  Hopefully I will see you tomorrow!

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What about you?

What are some self-care practices or spiritual disciplines you need to do in order to feel like your true, whole self?  What can you rearrange to intentionally facilitate that within the next few days?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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  1. Oh how I love this! I keep on having to learn this too, my beautiful soul sister. Love it! I just got The Passion Translation (a new version of the Bible and the Psalms are rocking my world again!) Love you!

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