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Oftentimes I get tortured by my always-deep-thinking mind and I just want a good laugh.  This past weekend, for example, I spent a few days with some very dear friends of mine and we talked SUUUUUPER deep and vulnerably for hours and hours on end.  Which I absolutely adored.  But then we needed to lighten things up a bit– so we sat around the breakfast table and listened to some good, clean comedy and just laughed with each other for awhile.

I love the art of stand-up comedy.  I think it is a brilliant endeavor.  But so many comedians all too often rely on being vulgar, dirty, or using exceptionally foul language during their act to get a cheap laugh.  So when I come across a comedian who is both hilarious and “clean” I feel very appreciative.

Here are a few of the consistently clean (and uber talented) comedians I love:

Today, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite bits from some of their shows:

Brian Regan:: Emergency Room

Brian Regan:: Health Club

Jim Gaffigan:: 4 Kids

Jim Gaffigan: McDonalds

John Mulaney:: Salt and Pepper Diner

John Mulaney:: Chase Through the Subway

Henry Cho:: On the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Tim Hawkins:: Hand Raising

Studio C:: Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling

Studio C:: Awwww Yeah

Studio C:: Captain Literally, Part 1


This is just a handful of what I might click on to help me break out of me stuck-in-deep-thought mind from time to time.  [And FYI if you didn’t already know this: You can type in a comedian’s name (i.e. “Jim Gaffigan”) on Pandora and it will create a station that includes that comic plus others like him/her…?  Obviously, the more you give thumbs up and thumbs down on there, the more that station will tailor itself to reflect your true preferences.  I love to listen to mine when I’m driving or on a walk just to help me chill out a bit.]

Enjoy!!! 🙂

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What about you?

What is something you like to do to help ease your tension when you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted?  Do you have any comedy recommendations you could share with me?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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