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I am a Mom.  Of three.  I’ve got two middle-schoolers and one 4-year-old.  Because of this, I have had the privilege of hearing all kinds of sentences over the last several years that I wouldn’t have had a chance to hear if I were only interacting with grown-ups every day.


Since being a parent, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing things like this:

  • While picking up my dog’s poop on the lawn the other morning, my four-year-old son came up and said “Look, Mom!  That one looks like a brownie!”
  • When one of my daughter’s was a little tike who couldn’t pronounce all her words properly, she once asked this about another little kid she met at the park: “Is he a boy oy a goy?”  [Translation: “Is that kid a boy or a girl?”]
  • Some other funny pronunciations of words my kids used to say are:
    • “Beesh” = “Please”
    • “Gay koo” = “Thank you”
    • “I’m-pint” = “Armpit”
    • “Ignoying” = “Annoying”
    • “Rocco Hobama” = (former President) “Barack Obama”
    • “Kee-Kat” = “Cat”
    • “Pitty” = “Flower”
    • “Kak-Kak” = “Duck”
    • “Kukini fwed” = “Zucchini bread”
    • “My-die-doe” = “Motorcycle”
    • “Eat-Mole” = “Oatmeal”
    • “On your mart, a-set, go!” = “On your mark, get set, go!”
    • “Fwetty day, Mommy!” = “It’s a pretty day, Mommy!”
    • “My hep sef foy sef!” = “No one helped me.  I did   X   by myself!”
    • “Toppin doin dat!” = “Stop doing that!”
  • When my oldest daughter would fall down, she would have this conversation with herself:“You awight?  Yeah, I awight!” = “Are you alright?  Yes, I’m alright.”
  • I once had this conversation with one of my toddlers:

Daughter: “I just LOOOVE cereal!”

Me: “Oh yeah?  Why don’t you marry it?”

Daughter: “I can’t marry cereal!  It doesn’t even dance!!!”

  • Some fun sayings my oldest daughter used to say when she was two:
    • “I want to hold you.” = “Will you please pick me up and hold me?”
    • “Help you?” = “Will you help me?”
    • “What say cat-cat say?” = “What does the kitty cat say?”
  • You know the game “Hide and Seek”?  Well, I had two kids call it “Hide-and-Go-Sink” and another kid called it “One-Fwee-Five-Six!”
  • Here’s another conversation I had with one of my tinies once:

Kid: “Mommy.  I got a headache.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.  Can you show me where it is?”

Kid: (Pointing to elbow) “Right there, Momma.”

  • And last but not least for today: Each of my kids said “I love you” a little differently:
    • One said “I uhb a-you”
    • The next said “I yuh you”
    • And the last said it like this: “I duh doo”
    • As my son got older and figured out how to talk better, these are a couple things he said that were so endearing I had to write down: “I wwwwilly much love you” and “I love you suuuper much AND a lot, Mommy.”
    • He also told me this one time: “Mommy, I love you sooo much it feel like my hot [aka “heart”] is going to CONSPLODE!  And I love DADDY so much it feels like my whole entire BODY is going to consplode!!!”

Ah, my little sweeties.  Gotta love their cute way of talking.


I’ve learned so much about the world, about God, and about myself as a result of becoming a mom.  It’s been harder than I expected— yet more fun and entertaining than I expected as well.

There has been so much about parenthood that has taken me by surprise, so much that has taken more intentionality than I thought, so much that has challenged me in ways I never imagined.  It has forced me to grow up, forced me to look outward, forced me to genuinely put others before myself.


Aaaand it has forced me to learn “toddler language” too!


I’m so grateful for these amazing humans God has put in my life. 🙂



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What about you?

If you’re a parent, what have been some of the simple pleasures of parenthood for you?  If you don’t have children of your own, what have been some of the fun moments you can recall while spending time with kids?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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  1. Oh I love those little sayings and words. My oldest, when she saw litter would say “someone glittered”. Now my girls are 22 and 18…I loved loved loved (and still love) all the special times as a mom. Now we babysit a little boy and that is so much fun too especially the things they say.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Kirstin! I’m so glad you get your “little kid fix” with babysitting on occasion!

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