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I know there have been some catastrophic happenings in our country this past week.  And I know there are tragedies and heartbreaking circumstances and plenty to grieve about every single day all across this globe.

And I know I’ve not written about any of the current events yet.

But I want you to know: I have most certainly been praying.

In times like this, words fail me.  I tend to go inward, disengage from the constant newsreel plastering the media stations, get super “present” in my interactions with my family and friends… and I just pray.

I am fully aware that nothing I can say will change someone’s hurt or fear or bitterness or grief.  I know that many people see events like this and immediately start railing against God and accusing Him of not caring or of being unjust or unloving.

And I know that nothing I can say will help their aching hearts in times like this.

So I pray.  And to be honest, I didn’t even necessarily have words for my prayers the first few days after this week’s happenings – it was mostly just inner groanings that I assume the Holy Spirit had to translate and figure out what the heck they meant.  I finally got a few words to attach to my prayers today and I thought I would share that with you here.  (I hope this brings encouragement to you today and maybe you can pray along with me?)

* * *

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.  Please comfort those who are deeply grieving today – not only in regards to the Las Vegas shooting, but all over this globe, with all the different aches and frustrations and deep heartbreaks and tragedies that so many of us are faced with right now.  Please bring an inner peace to all of those who are consumed with fear right now.  Please show them that You really are with them and that you really do care about them and that you deeply, deeply love them – even in times like this.  And I know for myself – I tend to feel Your love ESPECIALLY in times of deep heartache and sorrow.  Make Yourself real to those who are questioning.  Speak Your comfort and love the only way You can to the hearts of all of us on earth who need you so desperately.  Please somehow slip Your truth into our thought processes even when we don’t want to hear an iota of what You might say.  I know You tend to minister to Your kids through Your other kids, so I pray that You would rise up Your children to love and serve and minister to those around them in whatever ways You call them to do so.  If that means bringing meals to friends who just can’t find it in themselves to slave over a hot stove today, then call up the food-makers and the food-bringers.  If that means calling up more people to be willing to listen to their friends who are struggling—  without judgment, without advice-giving, and without cliché pat answers— please inspire and enable us to do that.  May we be beacons of encouragement and support and love for each other right now, Lord.

Thank You that You are with us and that you love us and are helping us no matter what we are facing.

And please, Lord… redeem and make beautiful even this.  Somehow.


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* * *

What about you?

How do you respond when you hear devastating news?  What habits do you find yourself settling into when you are overwhelmed or burdened or grieving?

Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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