31 Days in My [Insert Label Here] Skin:

M Y   L A B E L S


I am a Woman.  A Mom.  A Wife.  A Friend.  A Daughter.  An In-Law.  A Sister.

According to StrengthsFinder, I am Responsible, a Developer, a Learner, “instinctively intrigued by the unique qualities of each person,” and someone who “likes exercising the muscles of my brain” (aka “intellection”).

According to the Spiritual Gifts Survey, I have the gifts of Faith, Teacher, Pastor, Leadership, and Exhortation.

My primary love language is Words of Affirmation.  Acts of Service is #2.

I am Imperfect, yet Doing My Best.  Challenged and Wounded, yet Victorious and Healed.  Fearful, yet Bold.  I am Introverted, yet Outgoing.  A Lover of People, Big Dogs, Naps, Backrubs, and the Great Outdoors.

I am Curvy, Active, and Strong.  I am a Teacher.  A Teammate.  A Writer.  A Hiker.  A Walker-With-Friends.  A Storyteller.  The Wife of a Police Officer.

I am Old School.  Passionate.  Creative.  Adventurous.  Determined.  A Verbal Processor.

I struggle with Depression.  And Anxiety.  And PMS.  And Impatience.

I’ve been told I am Industrious.  An Encourager.  Transparent.  A Life-Giver.  Wise.  A “Joy to be Around.”  Funky.  Feisty.  A Leader.  A Good Friend.  “My People.”

I’ve also been told some things I would like to forget.

Mostly, this is what I know about myself:

I am Flawed.

I am Changing.

I am Growing.

I am Loved.



Desperate for more of God in my life.

I am God’s Daughter. 

And Treasured despite it all.



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What about you?

How would you describe yourself?  What labels do you identify with?  What labels have been put on you that you love?  Which ones have you tossed in the garbage?


Please share your journey in the comment section below.


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  1. Kristi,
    I see we have some things in common. I think people are too complex to slap a label on. Yes, I’m female. Yes, I’m a mother. Yes, I’m a wife, a sister, was a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, and cousin…
    But going farther than that, I am so many things one day and not any of those things the next day. I am more like quickly flowing water, that you can’t grasp in your hands, the sunlight you feel on your face but can’t hold, and the wind that rushes past you as you stand in one spot. I can be fun and funny, sad and morose, angry and defiant, grateful and humble. I can cheer you on one minute, and in the next not want to hear anything you have to say.
    I’m indefinable.

    I see that you are much the same way. I enjoyed your post! Keep writing!!

    • Amen, Judy! Thanks for stopping in to encourage me. I always appreciate hearing from you. 🙂

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