31 Days in My [Insert Label Here] Skin:


For all 31 days throughout October, I have joined up with thousands of other writers for the 2017 “Write 31 Days Challenge”.  Every day during this month, a whole mess of us will be digging through our hearts, tapping out new words, and hitting “publish.”

And this year I am going to dive head first into my struggle with Labels.  We’ve all got them.  We all give them.  Some of us feel comfy with them and enjoy the predictability of boxing people up and attaching certain one-word descriptions on them; whereas others of us feel suffocated by the whole thing and spend spend much of our adult life trying to prove to others how un-fitting are the labels they’ve smacked on us.


I happen to be all of the above.  Part of me feels comfortable when I identify myself by one particular role I play or personality trait that has been weaved throughout my life; I am allured by its simplicity.  Another part of me is constantly railing against the whole concept, shaking my fist and wanting to shout to the world about how “We are all works in progress, gosh darn it!  We are all constantly growing, ever-changing, always being transformed!”

I know, I know: I’ve got issues.


I’m looking forward to hashing this out with you all over the next few weeks.


 [Disclaimer: Due to the fact that I will be simultaneously living my real life and attempting to write something every single day, I’m sure editing will be a challenge for me.  There simply won’t be enough time for me to polish everything up as well as I normally prefer.  But I will do my best to write things that are at least mildly coherent and hopefully useful/”content worth reading” as well.]



* * *

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