My name is Kristi… and I am a mess.  Although I may very well have been found by God, and I am loved by God, and I am valued by God… I’ve also got a lot more “issues” than I wish I had.

It is my heart’s desire that, as I write out my own story—the beautiful parts, the painful parts, and the unsightly parts— two things will happen: (one) I hope to gain clarity on my end regarding what the heck I really think and feel and how I can better let God help and heal me; and (two) I hope other people will feel encouraged and affirmed that they are not alone and that there is hope.

I believe “me too” is one of the most powerful sentences a person can utter to someone else.  I can’t count how many times hearing that phrase has blessed, uplifted and removed great shame and confusion in my own life.

So that’s my aim here.

I want to be a resounding “Me too!” for others out there who might feel alone in their challenges.

And that is why, despite my trepidation at “going public” with my journey, I’ve decided to risk embarrassment in hopes that my own messy life might possibly benefit or bless or help someone else in some way.

If all my blunders as a mom can help another mom not feel so alone, then so be it.

And if my failures as a wife can help encourage another wife that she isn’t such an anomaly, then let it be.

And if my struggles as a person who endured a couple harsh childhood experiences; and whose parents split due to infidelity; and who has lost an unborn baby; and who has been hounded by body image and self-worth issues her whole life; and who has grappled with Depression and Anxiety as a result of both grief, lifestyle and hormonal changes… if these darker parts of my story can possibly reach into someone else struggling with some of those same challenges… then I’ve decided to let my pride go and let my tale be told.


May the God who created us all reach in and show both you and me: His great Truth, His unimaginable Goodness, and His indescribable Capability to rescue us from whatever we are facing…

It is a pleasure to meet with you here.


Much love,