She rises while it is yet night
When you’re in the midst of an especially dark— and perhaps seemingly hopeless— night, it is imperative to remember this:

No matter what, no matter how dark or cold or scary or hopeless the night and its challenges might be, no matter how hot the flames of persecution get or how long the night might seem or how drenched in sorrow we might become… if we keep holding on and doing what we were created to do— LOVE the ones in our sphere of influence— we will make it through. 

Join me for this 5-part series stemming from several things God has been teaching me over the past few months.

Part 1 Rising in the Night

Part 1 – Rising in the Night: Doing Our Part Despite the Surrounding Darkness


holding hope

Part 2 – Rising With Hope: Clinging to God’s Unchanging Presence in Our Lives


Rising with refreshment

Part 3 – Rising With Refreshment: Heeding God’s Call to Rest, Remember, and Celebrate


Deeply Rooted

Part 4 – Rising Up, Deeply Rooted


covered in grace

Part 5 – Rising Up, Covered in Grace