Hi there.  I’m Kristi.

I believe “me too” is one of the most powerful sentences a person can utter to someone else.  I can’t count how many times hearing that phrase has blessed, uplifted and removed great shame and confusion in my own life.

So that’s my aim here.  I want this space to be a place where women can come to be reminded that they are not alone in their imperfections, that there is hope for them, and that they are treasured by God despite their flaws and failures.

I want my fellow Jesus-loving, faith-filled, beauty-adoring folks to know that yes, I struggle with Depression and Anxiety too.  I want the confused, lonely, at their wits’ end, “bedtime can’t come soon enough” mommas who feel inadequate in this high, mundane task of parenthood to know that yes, I screw up all of the time and feel overwhelmed by the weight of this calling too.  I want the wives out there who feel like everyone else has it all together and “why can’t my husband and I just get on the same freakin’ page and progress already?” to know that yes, I feel like that too— often.

I’m a trying-my-best, desperately-in-need-of-God, imperfect child of the Creator who simply wants to live my life as well as I can and bless, encourage, and help the folks around me as well as I’m able.  

I am a deep thinking, deep feeling, love-to-hear-the-deepest-darkest-secrets-of-your-most-vulnerable-places kind of a girl.  I have a low tolerance for surfacey conversation and I don’t mind being the first one to share my personal flaws and struggles in hopes that it can get a good, meaningful conversation going.

I love the smell of horses, dirt and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  If I could go on a long walk-and-talk with a friend and then head home to a quiet house to read and study and write all day every day of my life that would be just fine by me.

I am married to a good-hearted, fiercely-protective, love-filled man who can both frustrate and melt my heart like no other.  I’ve got three incredible children who have been the catalysts for a good number of the big-time growth moments in my life.  My girls are 12 and 13, and my little guy is 3.  2015

I sometimes forget to brush my teeth before bed; I let the to-be-folded laundry pile up even though it drives me crazy; I have to frequently remind myself that slowing down and playing with my kids is a great and wonderful thing; and I love watching my Great Dane twitch in his sleep.

No doubt about it: I am a work-in-progress!  But I’m hoping to be more mature and whole and healthier next week than I am today.

It is a pleasure to meet you here.

Much love,



**Feel free to touch base with me at theflawedtreasure@outlook.com

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