The Story-Gatherer:

Assisted Memoirs & Biographies ~ Family Stories ~ Writing Coach


We all have a story to tell.  Every one of us has a unique life experience, an unlike-any-other wiring, and an innate desire to make meaning of it all.

As a Personal Historian, it is my great honor to help individuals and families capture the memories and stories that are distinctive to them.  I gather their stories and share them in whatever way is going to be most meaningful to them and to future generations.

  • Perhaps you’ve got the desire, maybe you’ve even got the know-how, but you just need a bit of accountability, some encouragement, and/or maybe a little bit of creative guidance in completing that Memoir you’ve been dreaming of?  I help individuals determine which self-reflective topics are important to them, sort through and edit what they’ve written so far, and sift through their memorabilia and artifacts, including both physical and digital photos, and guide them in crafting their own memoirs, autobiographies, or photobooks.
  • Do you have a family member, friend, or colleague you want to honor?  Or maybe a grandparent who has the most incredible life experience you’ve ever heard and you want to capture it in writing before he or she passes away?  Perhaps there is a cabin or vacation house that has been special to your family for several years and you’d love to collect stories surrounding that remarkable place?  I also work with folks to create Memory Books, Legacy/Tribute Books, and even Photobooks honoring specific events, seasons, careers, or individuals.  Through a series of emails and/or interviews, I gather their stories and get it in writing so that future generations will have the honor of gleaning from those who have gone before them.
  • Do you want to get something in writing that will let your loved ones know what really matters to you?  I can help provide you with thought-provoking questions to get your heart and brain moving in the right direction as you try to find words to create an “Ethical Will” (or “Legacy Letter”) that appropriately express the deep parts of your soul.
  • Are you wanting to work with someone to craft a unique retreat-like experience or workshop for yourself, or a few friends or family members?  I would love to brainstorm with you regarding what it is you’d like to get out of that experience and how and where we can most effectively make that happen.
  • Do you have a box full of old clothes or fabric from a loved one who has passed away and you’d like to create something meaningful out of it?  Or maybe you have a box of your child’s baby clothes and you’re not sure what to do with it all?  Keep this in mind: I make super cozy blankets and would be happy to design and sew a blanket that would be a physical testimony to that loved one or that season in your loved one’s life.  I have also designed and made necklaces to honor and remember departed loved ones.



If you or someone you know would benefit from my assistance, please contact me at  I would love to discuss your hopes and goals and find out if we might be a good fit for one another.  Our first consultation, wherein we will get to know each other and talk over your hopes and goals, is free of charge.



Services Offered:

Legacy (aka Tribute) Books


Family Stories

Autobiographies & Biographies

Self-Reflective Workshops

Legacy Letters (aka Ethical Wills)


Book design


Scrapbooking help

Creating Mementos (i.e. Blankets, Jewelry)



Please contact me at if you’d like to set up a consultation.